US Window Covering Demand to Reach $5.2 billion in 2021*

Mobile Window Covering Franchise Opportunity


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$500 Veteran Franchise Fee

We want your valuded skills, leadership, work ethic, and commitment.

 Military Veterans, Active, Duty, and Spouses 

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$25,000: Initial Franchise Fee for a single territorial Outlet.

$500: If one or more Principal Equity Owners is either an active member of the U.S. Armed Forces or is a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces who was honorably discharged or a person with at least 2 years experience in customized window blinds, shutters and window coverings trade

In addition to the Franchise Fee the franchisee must purchase sample books, travel expenses for the 10 day training, along with other business start-up expenses listed in the FDD.

The Royalty is 5% of gross sales.

Mark Huckins, Founder

Forty years of industry experience, three window covering start-ups, hundreds of franchisees trained, and here we grow again. If you share in our philosophy of taking care of customers then we want you on our team.
Our free lifetime service is the key difference with Lifetime Blinds.  Consider how blinds and shades have evolved. With the innovation of cordless, motorized, and Smart Home applications consumers want to buy from a local company that will always be there to provide service.

Why Lifetime Blinds?

Each year, window coverings become more innovative, sophisticated and more technologically advanced.  Which means, when something goes wrong, homeowners need a “go-to” option for repair and replacement.  Until now, a free lifetime service warranty has been virtually nonexistent to consumers.

Lifetime Blinds is an innovative new concept in the multi-billion dollar window covering industry.

Before Lifetime, homeowners in need of window covering repair had no choice but to hound the retailer, who either charged them considerably or simply pointed them to their manufacturers warranty!

With Lifetime Blinds, we’ve changed all that.  And we’ve done it very simply.  We stand behind our work and will do so for the lifetime of the blinds.     

But Why Is Lifetime Blinds Such Good Business?

  1.  What makes the business of blinds so appealing?  Well, for starters, quality shades and blinds are no longer a luxury.  For the average American homeowner, they are a necessity.  This means, almost every dwelling in your local market is a potential customer.

  2. Many customers have had bad experiences from an industry that offered limited warranties and unsatisfactory onsite repair service.  Homeowners are in desperate need for a reputable, reliable alternative.

  3. Based on that experience, Lifetime Blinds franchisees immediately plug-in to our 40 years of window covering experience and access to name brand fabricators that stand behind lifetime warranties. 

  4. We have discounted, proprietary vendor relationships with almost every major manufacturer in the industry.

  5. Our mobile and home-based business means lower overhead, setting your own schedule, and spending time with your family and the things that are important to you.

  6. Your installers get paid by the job, which means franchisees don’t carry large payrolls.


Meet Lifetime Blinds,

Disrupting the Window Covering Industry


Founded in 2015 by Mark Huckins, Lifetime Blinds is one of the west coast’s pioneering window covering franchises.  Based on Mark’s 40 years of industry experience and having launched the nation’s largest mobile window covering franchise back in the 80’s, Mark decided to launch Lifetime Blinds as an answer to what he saw was wrong in the industry.  3 years later, his southern California location has become the dominant force in the local market and he and his team have perfected the operational and marketing systems necessary to take the Lifetime Blinds brand from coast to coast. Today, Lifetime Blinds is looking to expand in key markets across the country.  From densely populated urban areas to affluent suburban demos, we’re looking for aspiring entrepreneurs, trade veterans, and service members who know their area is in need of a Lifetime Blinds franchise.


Why a Lifetime franchise?

When you become a Lifetime franchisee, you get support from start to finish, top to bottom. But some of the core areas of guidance and support are . . .



Lifetime makes it so easy to open and operate your location! We will work with you hand in hand to open and operate your local business. We will train you  in every aspect of operating a Lifetime Blinds franchise and will always be by your side to support and consult you. Lifetime Blinds franchise training takes place both at our headquarters in Palm Springs, CA.  Your trip to SoCal will span the course of a week and include classroom training as well as hours of “hands-on” experience out in the field.  You’ll learn the art of customer service, the importance of value selling, how to market locally and organically, time management and much, much more.


When buying a franchise, one of the most valuable assets you’re buying is the proven marketing system.  At Lifetime, we’ll share with you all of our best marketing practices.  We will teach exactly how to build a loyal customer following.  And, we’ll give you access to all of our professionally designed materials so you can do the exact same thing in your area. Lifetime has mastered the art of local marketing including generating press, guerrilla marketing tactics and social media marketing. We’ll regularly help you and support your marketing efforts and provide event specific promotional content.

Hiring and HR

As the owner of a Lifetime, you’ll only be as good as your installers.  We will train you how to advertise for the appropriate positions, what credentials to require, how to interview, how to hire and how to retain top quality installers.  If done right, your team will be happy and satisfied, which means so will your customers.


Lifetime FAQ


What is the franchise fee and and what does it pay for?

Our franchise fee is $25,000.  It is a one-time fee that pays for everything we at Lifetime corporate will be doing for you to get you up and running. 

Do we charge an ongoing royalty?  Why?

At Lifetime, our franchisees pay 5% of their monthly gross as a royalty.  Almost all franchises charge an ongoing royalty fee.  Royalty fees pay for all of the ongoing support a franchisor provides.  Day-to-day support, ongoing training, research and development into new products and services, vendor management and more are all paid for out of your royalty payments.

What does it cost to open a Lifetime?

When we include everything, including our franchise fee and your money in the bank to fund the first few months of start up, it will most likely end up approximately costing you between $25,000 and $90,000.

Is my market a good market for Lifetime?

If you live in a major metropolitan area, either in the urban center or outlying suburbs, then the answer is yes.  If you don’t, give us a call and let us do a little research to see if it’s a market we would be interested in.

Are there protected areas?

Yes.  As part of your franchise fee, you receive a protected territory. 

What kind of experience do I need in order to be successful?

Experience can help but isn’t necessary.  Have blind or business experience?  Great.  But it’s not a must.  Never run a business before?  No big deal.  That’s why you’re looking at a franchise.  What we are looking for are folks that have a demonstrable track record of work ethic and accomplishment in whatever their former career was.  Impress us with that, and we’ll teach you the rest.

Special Franchise Fee For Industry Veterans

Lifetime Service Guaranteed

$500 Franchise Fee

For Window Covering Industry Veterans.

The information provided on this web site should not be construed as an offer of a franchise. Offers of franchises may only be made by delivery of a franchise disclosure document (or prospectus), and in certain states the disclosure document must first have been registered with a state agency that regulates the offers and sales of franchises. Lifetime Blinds is a registered trademark of Lifetime Blinds, Inc. in the United States.

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