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Rancho Mirage client replaced 25 year old vertical blinds with new floor to ceiling ebony roller shads to match window frames.
The result was stunning!

We Help With Ideas

  • We respond to daylight emotionally. Colors read true. Finishes reveal their texture and an uplifting quality enters any room bathed in sunlight. As we’ve become more conscious of our footprint on planet earth, we’ve come to realize that utilizing the sun’s rays reduces our need for electric light, and reduces energy costs. Solar roller shades are designed to provide precision light control, diffusing light and harmful UV rays while preventing glare from computer or television screens, protecting furniture, rugs, wood surfaces, art; while staying cool in summer and warm in winter.  

  • Our Lifetime Warranty exceeds the 5 year limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. We will never charge you for a service call to repair your manually operated blinds and shades. As long as the parts are available we will keep your shades operational. Motorized shades have a 5 year warranty and there is a charge for replacement and labor.

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