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We understand that every window covering project is different and sometimes you need something fast and cheap. We're happy to accompany you to the nearest store of choice that sells ready made blinds and shades cut to fit; and for a nominal fee we'll measure and install the same day! We even offer installation service for your online purchases. We make this special accommodation because we want your business when it comes time for your custom high-end projects. We want to be your go-to window covering choice for a Lifetime



shorten levolor cordless

Levolor makes a ready-made cordless (cord free) cellular shade that can easily fit most French doors for $40.  Available at Lowe's.

How to Shorten Levolor Cordless (Cord Free)

Ready-Made Faux Wood Blinds 

If you need help, we shorten for $25 per window.



1. Extend blinds and mark the desired length. Add 2 extra slats to length. Remove plugs located under bottom rail.

2. Carefully cut horizontal ladders below so you can remove the unwanted slats. DO NOT CUT THE CORD that raises and lowers the blinds!!!

3. Replace the plug caps with the ladder cords in place. 

shorten levolor cordless
shorten levolor cordless
shorten levolor cordless
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