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A Smart Home is a Connected Home Integrated and Controlled by Voice, Touch, Motion, and Timing

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Our technicians are local and certified.

The market is hot and as more technology becomes available, seamless integration is crucial. By now, most homeowners are familiar with basic smart home technology, with certain brands becoming more recognizable at the home improvement store. The DIYers spend countless hours standing in the aisles, wondering if they are choosing the right accessories and trying to cobble them together at home. They don’t realize that professional custom design, installation and integration, once only available to the affluent, is now an option and can be delivered within 1-2 days.

With Smart Home Integrator you can use touch, voice, motion, and timing to activate all your devices (e.g., shades, thermostats, access locks, security cameras, doorbells, televisions, music, lighting, irrigation, and garage doors) using the latest technology (e.g., Sonos, Google Nest, eero, August, Ring, MyQ, Logitech, Rachio, and more) allowing them to truly cater to all your wants and needs.

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