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Is there a roller shade fabric you can see out but can't see in?

This is the number one question we get everyday. There is no such fabric for a roller shade (drop shade, roll up shade, solar shade...whatever you may call it). Where did this misconception originate? You can see out of solar screen fabrics by day. But at night with the lights on you CAN see in from outdoors. The misconception came about because during the day if you're outside looking in you cannot see in because the solar screen shades reflect off the glass creating total privacy. But that all changes at night when you turn the lights on. You can see in as plain as DAY!

Roller shades are designed to filter UV rays. Thus the terms: 1%, 3%, 5%, 10%. The interpretation is as follows: If a screen roller shade has a 1% openness factor, the solar screen shades block 99% of the UV rays from passing through the fabric. The tighter the weave the lower the openness factor and the more UV rays the screen shades block. 3%=97% UV protection, 5%=95% UV protection, 10%=90% UV protection. The mostly commonly used is 3%.

Solutions: Dual Shades can be an amazing solution. By adding a room darkening shade in front or behind the solar shade you can create privacy and darken your room. Watch video: motorized, blackout shades with rechargeable batteries were added in front of the existing solar shades because the solar shades had been installed awhile ago to fit inside the windows.

In the next video we demonstrate how two separate chains operate the shades manually.

In this video we demonstrate cordless shades in a bedroom. Honeycomb room darkening shades installed behind the see-through solar screen shades.

In our final video we demonstrate two motorized shades providing solar UV protection and room darkening privacy.

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